Friday, 9 October 2020



Do you have trouble finding a perfect body shaper for you? FeelinGirl absolutely understands your problem. Finding a suitable shapewear is not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of trial and error to get to that place when you are completely satisfied with what you bought. And should I even mention the time it takes? But I am not  here only to talk about how difficult it is to find a perfect shapewear. My goal here is to help you out by offering by giving you some tips and tricks and showing you some of our favorite products.

Besides showing you their offer I am here to give you some advice on finding your perfect shapewear. There are many things to pay attention to. Your body shape plays an important role in deciding which one you are going to buy. You should know your part of the body which you would like “to improve” and for that part of the body you ought to buy a fitting shapewear. There are different kinds of shapewear, for example: shapewear bodysuit ( this seems like a good choice if you are planning to wear a short tight dress because it will hold in place your tummy and lower part of your body as well ), zipper body shaper seems like a great choice if you want it to be ultra practical  ( it is easy to throw it on and it takes no effort taking it off), leggings ( only for the lower part of your body ), the best waist trainer for women, plus size body shaper, thigh trimmer, shorts shapewear but there is a whole body body shaper as well. All in all there is an option for you, that is for sure. Now that we went through the all types of shapewear, the other thing you should pay attention to is your size. You absolutely need to find your true size because that is half of the job done. In order for shaper to fulfill its’ main role it is crucial to find the right size. The fabrics are also an important thing you should pay attention to. Those previously mentioned things are the most important things you should know when you decide to buy some shapewear and if you have that in mind you will get all the benefits of wearing a body shaper.

 I hope that FeelinGirl will help you a bit and  that this brand will inspire you to go ahead and check out their website. Good luck with your shopping!








Sunday, 4 October 2020


 Hello my loves! We all know that casual white T-shirt is a must in every  girls' closet but this post isn't dedicated to a simple white T-shirt. Considering that you read this you are probably a fashion freak so you all know the current fashion trends. One of them are shoulder pads. Do you love that trend or do you hate it? From my point of view it is a trend that I happily decided to try out. This shirt is from Shein. What do you guys think?

P.S. Use my code 4Qjelena and get 15% off when shopping on Shein website ( valid until 31st of December).

Sunday, 27 September 2020


Hello my loves! It is time for one quite autumnal outfit. By the time you read this autumn will have probably already arrived. This jumpsuit is a perfect piece to throw one during these first autumn days. I simply love those simple and yet so effective pieces that you don't have to combine with other items. What do you guys think about this Shein jumpsuit?

Monday, 21 September 2020


 Hello guys! It is time for a new fashion post! This time I wanted to present you this beautiful tie dye dress. I never thought that I would wear tie dye trend but here I am in this super cute Shein dress. How do you guys like it? Feel free to leave me your opinion.

Saturday, 19 September 2020


 Hello my loves! How are you? It is finally September ( I know that a lot of you don't seem to be so happy about that fact, but for us fashion freaks it means the most fashionable time of the year). But this time we are not here to talk about fashion ( shocker ). As you could already assume by the title we are here to talk about wigs - well one brand precisely - UniWigs.

It might seem a bit strange considering that I haven't talked ( or better said I haven't written about it ) before, but wait and hear out my logics. Do you know those times when something happens in your life and suddenly you want to make a change (and your hair is usually the object of that sudden change? Well, to be honest I don't, but most people do. I have never made a hair change that was a product of some other change in my life . That doesn't mean that I haven't experimented with my hair before. In one period of my life I got an idea to become a ginger. And I can't say that I did not like it, but it kind of a ruined my hair , well not completely obviously, but my hair was weakened a bit. And it was sooo dry. It took while to recover it and I am still in that process of recovery. What I mean to say that sometimes it is not a goo idea to do something with your hair if you are not completely sure about it. I think that a high quality wig can help you out in those situations. If you wear a wig for a while just in order to see whether the new hairstyle fits you or not in that way you don't need to torture your hair in case the result is negative. Wigs can be really useful in those situations.

On UniWigs there is a very wide choice so you do not have to worry whether you will find the right one or not. Just go ahead and check out their website. Who knows, maybe you will even get inspired to make some kind of a change! On their website they have all the different kinds of fashion wigs. Their choice consists of synthetic wigs, but human hair wigs as well, hair extensions, hair toppers, hair pieces and some accessories. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check them out. Down below I will link a few cute wigs which I found interesting so feel free to tell me your opinion.

Thursday, 10 September 2020


Hello my loves and oh my, it is almost the end of this summer. But nevermind because I bet that a lot of us can't wait to wear all those super trendy autumnal fashion outfits, is that right? This summer outfit is from Shein so go ahead and check it out on their website by clicking HERE

Monday, 3 August 2020


Hello my loves! It has been a while since my last post, but the situation with covid-19 went a bit crazy in Belgrade and I went to the countryside. There, as you can already assume I did not wear a lot of fashionable clothing pieces. Recently I came back, but it still isn't a good idea to walk around the city as usual. Therefore, I wanted to present you some cool offers on wholesale dresses.

You can see an absolute variety of choices for wholesale womens clothing on site Lover Beauty. I have previously written about this website, but last time it was about topic of plus size dresses and the amazing offer on their website. The best way to test my statement is to see for yourself what they offer on their website. Last time I showed you a couple of dresses and I'm about to do that now as well.

The first dress is an absolute must have for summer. It's a maxi white dress and of course dress doesn't have to be white but you know me and my love for white dresses.

The second one is also an example of summer dress, but kind of a different because of its' shape. That is exactly what drew my attention to it. I love it's bell like sleeves and the shape you get with the belt. It is casual, but at the same time elegant dress. I would love to try this one out, that's for sure. I think that this kind of dress looks good on everyone considering how beautiful it falls.

The third dress is also interesting because of its' shape, but unlike the previous one it is very formal. I love the sleeve details and the beautiful huge bow on the waist.

You can see all these beautiful dresses on Lover Beauty of course! What do you guys think? Which one do you prefer most?