Monday, 13 August 2018


Hello my loves! In front of you you have one special blog post about Fall/Winter 2018 fashion trends. Now I do realize that not everyone could possibly like the same things, but I wanted to show you some of the items I liked. Also, I have to point out that these trends are the ones I will follow and probably add to my closet. That doesn't mean that there aren't more trendy items which I haven't incorporated here. So, take a look on my choice and feel free to tell me you opinion :)

1. ANIMAL PRINT - Ok, I realize this one is pretty much "classic" for autumn, but that is exactly why you should invest in this trend. I mean, you can be sure that you won't waste your money for this season only because it will definitely always come back. I usually try to keep it in details when it comes to this trend, but I have to admit that I have already bought one leopard print dress from H&M. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on their website, but check out some of the items I personally liked ( btw, I am absolutely going to order this cute snake print skirt from Asos!):

                 SNAKE PRINT SKIRT/ASOS

                                                                                                                               BLAZER IN SNAKE PRINT/ZARA 
                                                                                                             (you could pair it with matching skirt or pants also from Zara)

( if you you're afraid not to "overdo" it is best to combine simple outfit with statement accessory)

                                                                    SNAKE BOOTS/ASOS                                LEOPARD-SNAKE BOOTS/ASOS

2. COLOR PLAID- I have to point out that I'm usually not into colorful outfits, so I will stick to that black&white plaid or eventually I will add up some brown tones to my closet ( check out the cute coat from Topshop down below).

(this one is such a catch - you can easily combine it with the third trend)

                                                                                                                                             PLAID DRESS/TOPSHOP
                                                                                                                                       ( this dress was sold out but maybe it will come back to  stock)

                        PLAID PANTS/ASOS

3. RUSTY/BROWN - this one will be huge, but then when it is not during autumn? 

                                              WIDE LEG TROUSERS/H&M


                                                          BROWN BAG/MANGO

4. TWEED - This trend is absolutely my favourite one! I love the Chanel vibes! And must I add that this material makes your outfit look so expensive? And no, you don't have to give bunch of money to look trendy and expensive. Storets and Zara have some really reasonably priced items ( btw, I already have so many tweed items and now went on Storets website and I'm holding my horses not to order something xD ).

( if you could describe me in one outfit this would be it xD / I love this princessy/ lady like style)

                                                                                 VEST/STORETS                                 SKIRT/STORETS
      ( two piece sets are such a good option - you can wear them separately on so many ways and of course together as a perfect combo)

( this baby is already mine and I can not wait for autumn to wear it )

( I saw this one a couple of days ago in store and convinced myself not to buy it because I already have so many tweed items)

5.LEATHER - this one refers to pants especially, but of course skirt wouldn't be bad as well. And who doesn't need a perfect leather jacket?!

              LEATHER PANTS/ZARA

                                                                                                                                                                                          LEATHER SHORTS/ASOS

6.HATS - These ones where really under spotlight on Dolce&Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Alberta Ferretti show...

                                                                                HAT 1/H&M                     HAT 2/H&M                    HAT 3/H&M

7.SHEARLING COATS - I'm not sure whether will I give a chance to this trend, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

Well guys, those would be the expected trends. Of course, the most important one is the last one and that is YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. Don't be a fashion slave, but choose what fits your personal preferences and your body. Style is what makes us unique when it comes to fashion, otherwise we would all be the same. Trends will always change, but style is eternal.

Tell me what do you think about this post. Which trends will you accept?

With love,


Sunday, 12 August 2018


Hello my loves! It is time for a new outfit. Autumn is slowly but surely getting closer and I have prepared you one this outfit which can be worn now, but also in that transitional period. This lovely skirt with straps is from Shein and you can click HERE in order to see it on their website.


Friday, 3 August 2018


Hello my loves! What is Summer without cute floral dress, right? Well, I must  admit I'm not in to too much colour, but this navy blue and white combo seems to suit me. I found this dress on Rosegal website. Do you like floral dresses?

Sunday, 29 July 2018


Hello my loves, here you can see another dress from website Rosegal, I must admit I really like how it looks on me even if it doesn't follow my body shape, meaning - it is quite loose. Though, I do not like to wear tight clothes, especially during Summer. The detail I like on this dress is this beautiful lace. How do you like this dress overall?

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Hello my loves! It is time for a new outfit. When I went through Rosegal website this cute dress  caught up my attention. I don't know have you noticed before, but I prefer these conservative and yet feminine items. This dress suits that description. I love that high neck moment on it and of course super-trendy tortoise shell buttons. How do you like this cutie?

Click HERE to see more details about this dress.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Hello my loves, I don't know about you but I  have already started checking out the items for transitional period between Summer and Fall . Though, I could already wear them now considering the weather. Embroidered items are deifinitely on my wishlist and from some reason I really have a thing for skirts with straps. After all, check out these items down below :)

Shirred Waist Plaid Skirt With Flounce Strap

Eyelet Embroidered Ruffle And Bell Cuff Blouse

Frilled Neck Scallop Hem Applique Embroidered Top

Monday, 23 July 2018


Hello my loves! This time I want to present you a new online clothing brand called Girlmerry which I bumped in to. They really have a lot of different items and  they also  offer wholesale dresses and cheap sexy dresses. I found few of them which seem absolutely perfect for the summer. I will attach links for them down below, so feel free to tell me your opinion :)

Lace dress

                                                                                         Off-the-shoulder stripe dress

Button short-sleeved dress