Thursday, 25 January 2018


Hello my loves! How are you these days? I am a bit occupied with my college and ongoing exams, but when I am free, I dedicate that time to my blog. The theme of this post is obviously something a bit different than usually. I am writting to you about home decoration items which I found on website Rosegal. I don’t know what is going on with me, but lately I have such an intense wish to redecorate my room. I chose three items which you can see down below. Also, I wanted to remind you that Valentine’s day is coming up, so Rosegal Valentines gift is a perfect choice! So, have you prepared your gifts, yet? If not, take a look on the items I decided to take. Make sure that you buy a Best Valentines Gift! There are so many items on Rosegal, so Best Valentines Gift 2018 is waiting for you – that’s for sure! Or if you don’t want to buy a gift, go ahead and treat yourself! I picked out this cute fluffy rug in colour gray ( everything in my room is soon going to be black / white / gray ) and this “LOVE” lamp decoration. What do you think of these ones? What colour is your favourite when it comes to room decoration?

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